Flavor of India in the heart of Perth

As the name suggests, Bollywood is an Indian restaurant that has evolved from the original idea of a type of restaurant serving moderately priced hearty meals Indian-inspired comfort foods in an unpretentious setting. If you want the flavor of India in the heart of Perth then this is the place that you should check in once for more refined decor, fewer tables both indoor and outdoor and finer foods.

Every great meal has a noteworthy start. Whether you want to keep it light or feel like going for more substantial party food. Kick off your meal in vogue with our chic choice of starters. From soups and salads to veg, nonveg, cocktail to mocktail, these elegant dishes and drinks are sure to impress.

The main dish is usually the heaviest, heartiest, and most complex dish in a meal. A well-planned main course can increase its ability to satisfy and delight the diner. Bollywood presents to you the best gourmet main course recipes from all over the parts of the provinces of India capturing beautiful presentation and subtle mixes of flavors. In our menu, you may notice simple gourmet main course recipes that might satisfy each of your palate and your inventive aptitude.

Many people love “just a taste” of sweet, or like better to share. Maintaining a strong dessert menu is just as important as a healthy, balanced main menu in a restaurant. Bollywood has taken the time to pay attention to their dessert offerings and monitoring their success. Its highly recommended to try Kesariya Vilayati, Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai, Ice Cream Platter, Indian Cassata, Raja Hindustani, Gulabo, and Pan Bahar.

We offer a Special discount on your takeaway or delivery when you place your order online. Don’t feel like stepping out, no worries! We offer free* home delivery. Here, we are Fully Liquor Licensed, you can bring your own wine also. At Bollywood, all our meat dishes are prepared using Halal meat only.

People already started loving their food. As the days are passing by more and more Bollywood restaurant owner is reaching beyond their dining rooms to bring in business, by catering. Both on-premise and off-premise catering have become increasingly common for them. Have a special menu and pricing for the client as soon as they contact us. Restaurant catering includes:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Business Meetings
  • Conferences

The freshly prepared dishes with the combination of herbs & spices are enough to create magical tastes and aromas. Just get a bite of those fiery hot delicacies to mouth watering desserts and remember the experience for a lifetime. Wines and drinks, in combination with this scrumptious platter, give it the certificate of excellence! So, now prepare your taste buds to be biased towards your favorite flavors. Indian catering services from this restaurant is a pride for the nation.

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